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EA-1802: Final Environmental Assessment

Chicago View Wind Project, Chicago Heights, Cook County, Illinois

DOE has provided a grant to the State of Illinois and proposes to authorize the expenditure of Federal funding to assist with financing the Chicago View Wind Project (the proposed project). DOE has authorized Chicago View Wind, LLC (CVW) to use a percentage of its Federal funding for preliminary activities, including the development of this EA. Such activities are associated with the proposed project and do not significantly impact the environment nor represent an irreversible or irretrievable commitment by DOE in advance of the conclusion of the EA for the proposed project. CVW proposes to construct, operate, and eventually decommission a single 1.5 megawatt (MW) wind turbine at the Chicago Heights construction debris landfill located north of Sauk Trail and west of Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago Heights, Cook County, Illinois. A 5,540-foot underground transmission line would connect the turbine to the 12.47-kilovolt distribution line owned by Commonwealth Edison at the nearby Bloom Trail High School. This Final EA analyzes the potential environmental impacts of the proposed construction, operation, and decommissioning of the proposed project and the alternative of not implementing this project (No-Action Alternative).