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EA-1544: Final Environmental Assessment

 Proposed Anadarko/Veritas Salt Creek 3D Vibroseis Project, Bureau of Land Management, Casper Field Office

Veritas DGC Land has notified the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Casper Field Office (CFO) of its intent to conduct a 3D seismic project in Natrona County, Wyoming. The proposed action, the Salt Creek 3D Seismic Project, is needed in order to acquire and evaluate data for further development of oil and gas reserves. Geophysical exploration utilizing 3D techniques is an intensive data acquisition and computer synthesis system used to analyze and three dimensionally depict subsurface geologic structures/stratigraphy. The technique is capable of locating and displaying unknown subsurface pools or pockets which potentially contain producible hydrocarbons. Data obtained through this 3D geophysical data acquisition project should enable wells to be drilled with a much greater probability of locating producible hydrocarbons than is attainable via previous methods, such as 2D seismic data and wildcat wells. The project, thus, should result in fewer “dry holes” in the future, minimizing the need for drilling and associated environmental disturbance. Additionally, the acquired subsurface 3D data may be used to improve current CO2 injection operations to more efficiently recover hydrocarbons in the Salt Creek Field.