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EA-1542: Finding of No Significant Impact

Burleigh County Wind Energy Center, North Dakota

Basin Electric Power Cooperative (Basin), on behalf of FPL Energy Burleigh County Wind, LLC (Burleigh County Wind), applied to the Department of Energy (DOE), Western Area Power Administration (Western) to interconnect the Burleigh County Wind Energy Center in Burleigh County, North Dakota, to Western’s Garrison-Bismarck 230-kilovolt (kV) Transmission Line. Burleigh County Wind proposes to build a wind energy center consisting of wind turbines, collection subtransmission lines, and a collection substation. Western would construct facilities to support the interconnection at the Garrison-Bismarck 230-kV Transmission Line. Central Power Electric Cooperative (Central Power), a Basin member, would construct a 230-kV, high voltage transmission line between the proposed wind energy center and Western’s interconnection facility.