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EA-1528: Finding of No Significant Impact

Storage of Tritium-Producing Burnable Absorber Rods in K-Area Transfer Bay at the Savannah River Site

The proposed action is to implement the storage of TPBARs in the K-Area dry storage Transfer Bay for a period of up to two years. The Transfer Bay is proposed for the storage of TPBARs in a 10 CFR 71-certified shipping package that offers a high degree of protection for the tritiated rods. The shipping cask, its outer ISO container packaging, and the trailer portion of the tractor-trailer transporter would be parked in the Transfer Bay. The cask would remain in its assembled transport condition inside a closed ISO container for the duration of interim storage. The K-Area Transfer Bay has been de-inventoried and has been effectively retired. The TPBARs NAC-LWT cask would be placed on and covered with fire resistant canvas for storage.