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EA-1447: Final Environmental Assessment

Proposed Consolidation of Certain Dynamic Experimentation Activities at the Two-Mile Mesa Complex Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico

The Proposed Action is to construct and operate offices, laboratories, and shops within the Two- Mile Mesa Complex, located at TA-22, TA-6, and TA-40, where work would be consolidated from other locations at LANL. The Proposed Action would also remove or demolish certain vacated structures that are no longer needed. The Proposed Action includes constructing 15 to 25 new structures over a 10-year time frame to replace about 59 structures currently used for DX operations. The NNSA must make a decision whether to consolidate and construct new facilities for the Dynamic Experimentation Division (DX) to create a central core area of facilities, including offices, laboratories, and other support structures, at LANL’s Two-Mile Mesa Complex, which comprises portions of Technical Area (TA) 6, TA-22, and TA-40. This Proposed Action would involve constructing new buildings; consolidating existing operations and offices; enhancing utilities, roads, and security infrastructure; and demolishing or removing older buildings, structures, and transportables at various technical areas used by DX (Figure 2). This EA has been prepared to assess the potential environmental consequences of this proposed construction, operational consolidation, and demolition project.