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EA-1383: Finding of No Significant Impact

Amendment of Presidential Permit (PP-68) for San Diego Gas and Electric Company for Interconnection of Otay Mesa Generating Project to Miguel-Tijuana 230-kV Transmission Line, San Diego, California

In order to connect Otay Mesa Generating Project (OMGP) to the existing international transmission facilities, SDG&E proposes to construct a 5-acre switchyard within the fenced boundary of the new powerplant and to construct approximantely 0.1 miles of new 230-kV transmission line extending from the new switchyard to interconnect with the previosuly permitted Miguel-Tijuana transmission line. From the point where OGMP woudl be connected to the existing international transmission line north to SDG&E's Miguel Substation (a distance of approximately 9 miles), SDG&E propses to reconductor the existing facilites by adding an additional conductor to each existing conductor and to operate the bundled facilites as two circuits. The 1.5 mile portion of SDG&E's Miguel-Tijuana international transmission line south of the OMGD will remain unchanged.