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EA-1342: Finding of No Significant Impact

Shelton-Kitsap Transmission Line Rebuild, Shelton, Washington

BPA proposes to upgrade an existing 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line that runs between its Shelton and Kitsap Substations, a distance of about 31 miles. The existing line would be rebuilt to a 230-kV double-circuit line. One of the two circuits would be operated at 115-kV and the other at 230-kV. The 230-kV circuit would be routed around the Kitsap Substation and tie into a Puget Sound Energy line. Wood poles would be replaced with taller steel poles. New conductors (wires) would be strung. In addition to the Proposed Action, BPA is considering the No Action Alternative. In the No Action Alternative, BPA would not upgrade or rebuild the line. The existing line would remain in operation.