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EA-1106: Finding of No Significant Impact

Explosive Waste Treatment Facility at Site 300, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The proposed action is not expected to contribute significantly to the overall cumulative impacts from LLNL Site 300 operations.  Normal operations of the EWTF would result in virtually no substantial increase in air emissions, noise levels to offsite populations, or waste generation.  There would be no adverse socioeconomic impact, as construction and operation of the EWTF would not require an increase in the work force at LLNL Site 300.  No minority or low-income populations are present in the neighboring communities.  Because the analysis in the EA indicates that EWTF would not present any adverse environmental pollution or general impacts to the general public/surrounding population during normal operations, or even as a result of accident-generated scenarios, no disproportionate impacts on minority populations is expected.