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CX-012203: Categorical Exclusion Determination

"Shelley-New Sweden Parking Lot Flood Control
CX(s) Applied: B2.5
Date: 05/22/2014
Location(s): Idaho
Offices(s): Nuclear Energy

1. Install a flood gate on the north end of the culvert that can be closed during peak runoff. This would distribute the water on the south end of the field, to the north of the highway below the highway embankment.
2. Excavate a ditch (approx. 500 ft long, 2-3 ft deep) along the south side of the field that would accumulate the water when the flood gate is closed.
3. Install a StormTech drainage system under the existing parking lot surface. The StormTech Chamber system would evenly distribute the storm water underground throughout the length of the chambers. The StormTech Chamber system has a drainage basin (manhole with enclosed bottom) that accumulates storm water and distributes water through piping to the chambers. "