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CX-012169: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Installation of New Modular Laboratory (235-S), Relocation of Administrative Trailer (704-64S), and Disconnection and Removal of Laboratory Trailers
CX(s) Applied: B1.15
Date: 04/16/2014
Location(s): South Carolina
Offices(s): Savannah River Operations Office

Install a new modular laboratory (235-S) in S-Area west of 704-61S, relocate office trailer 704-64S located west of 221-S to a location north of the new DWPF modular laboratory, 235-S. Prior to relocation, all utilities (electrical, telephone, internet, etc.) associated with 704-64S should be disconnected. Move two 17-year old laboratory trailers (704-115S and 704-116S) to Excess-SRS Community Resource Organization (CRO) in New Ellenton, SC. Both trailers are in degraded condition. All utilities are to be disconnected. Large gas cylinder shed located on west side of 704-115S will be salvaged and relocated intact next to the new DWPF modular laboratory (235-S). Small gas cylinder shed on the south side of 704-116S will be demolished.