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CX-008376: Categorical Exclusion Determination

2012 Boulder Canyon Project
CX(s) Applied: B4.1
Date: 04/03/2012
Location(s): CX: none
Offices(s): Western Area Power Administration-Desert Southwest Region

The long-term power resource contracts associated to the Boulder Canyon Project (BCP) are due to expire September 30, 2017. On December 20, 2011, Congress created the Hoover Dam Power Allocation Act (HPAA). The HPAA shall govern several key aspects surrounding the marketing of BCP power Post 2017 including the amount of marketable resources, contract duration, and the establishment of a resource pool to be allocated to new allottees. Western is seeking to implement the provisions of HPAA by extending contract offers to existing contractors in specified amounts and to allocate a defined resource pool as described in the HPAA.