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CX-007763: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Nuclear Energy University Programs Infrastructure Program: Minor Reactor Upgrades - University if Wisconsin
CX(s) Applied: B2.2
Date: 11/28/2011
Location(s): Wisconsin
Offices(s): Nuclear Energy, Idaho Operations Office

This project by the University of Wisconsin will: 1) Upgrade the reactor pool water system with a reverse osmosis system and a capacitance continuous level measurement probe with an associated digital meter display, 2) Upgrade the reactor instrumentation and control systems with a multi-turn rotary absolute encoder along with associated digital readout devise and connecting hardware and a digital recorder, 3) Upgrade the area radiation monitoring system and upgrade the swipe counter with an automatic low background alpha/beta counting system, and 4) Upgrade the emergency preparedness and assessment capabilities by installingan automatic transfer switch on the facilities main supply bus to connect the facility to the building backup generator in the event of a loss of alternating current.