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CX-006277: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Alaska - Tribal Energy Program - Alaska Village Initiatives
CX(s) Applied: A9, A11
Date: 07/18/2011
Location(s): Alaska Village, Alaska
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Alaska Village Initiatives (AVI) (formerly known as Community Enterprise Development Corporation of Alaska) proposes to: (1) Develop a request for proposal for villages or institutions to apply for funding to conduct biomass feasibility studies. Approximately eight studies would be targeted for villages with biomass opportunities readily available and would be released state wide for interested villages. Part of the feasibility process would also include education and outreach on the components of implementing a biomass project in the village. (2) Conduct a resource assessment/feasibility study to determine the amount and quality of woody biomass available for use in Kodiak from local sources and Afognak Island to determine sustainable amounts and delivered costs of materials to Kodiak. This study would support the future development of a regional supply of biomass. (3) Conduct a review/feasibility study of opportunities for integration of various technologies with wood heating systems for increasing remote village energy and food security. (4) Utilize funds for communications and outreach to target communities in rural Alaska. Outreach activities may include conference/meeting attendance and sponsorships, media advertising, direct mailings, internet/website marketing, speaking opportunities, and similar activities deemed appropriate to the project. (5) Hire a contractor to manage the various tasks/deliverables, including development of feasibility studies, biomass availability studies, as well as provide technical support to various villages in developing sustainable renewable energy projects.