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CX-006197: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Omak Area 3G Radio Site Upgrades
CX(s) Applied: B1.19
Date: 06/09/2011
Location(s): Okanogan, Washington
Office(s): Bonneville Power Administration

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) proposes to upgrade communication equipment at three existing BPA facilities in Okanogan and Douglas counties, Washington. The work would occur at two existing BPA radio sites, Fox Mountain and Foster Creek, and at the BPA East Omak Substation. BPA must vacate radio frequencies in the 1710-1755 Megahertz band to comply with a Federal law mandating reallocation of frequencies to be used for advanced wireless networks. The proposed work is required as part of this effort, as well as to ensure communications reliability by upgrading and replacing outdated facilities. The project is scheduled for summer 2011.