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CX-006033: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Monitoring, Maintenance, Environmental and Biological Sampling, and Administrative Actions on Amchitka and Adak Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska
CX(s) Applied: B1.3, B1.28, B3.1, B3.8
Date: 06/02/2011
Location(s): Amchitka, Alaska
Office(s): Legacy Management

This determination form provides the results of an evaluation of potential impacts related to various monitoring and maintenance actions on Amchitka Island and to non-routine collection of environmental and biological samples on and offshore of Amchitka and Adak Islands. DOE is committed to the collection of environmental and biological samples to test for radionuclides on a 5-year basis in order to demonstrate that food harvested from or near Amchitka Island is safe for human consumption. Biological collections from Adak Island would be used to establish background concentrations. Samples of fish, plants, and invertebrates would be collected by hand or using methods such as hook and line or gill nets. All marine samples would be collected in State waters within 2 miles of coastal areas. Anglers in skiffs or professional scuba divers would collect marine samples in deep water or intertidal areas. Various permits and authorizations apply to this project and either have been obtained or are being processed and will be in possession before collections begin. Existing roads or footpaths would be used to access all areas on Amchitka and Adak Islands. The proposed activities are expected to be completed within 6 weeks.