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CX-005886: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Routine Monitoring, Maintenance, General Site Actions, and Non-Routine Actions at the Edgemont, South Dakota Disposal Site
CX(s) Applied: B1.3, B1.11, B1.24
Date: 05/17/2011
Location(s): Edgemont, South Dakota
Office(s): Legacy Management

Routine actions related to monitoring include annual site inspection of gates, signs, boundary monuments, site marker, fence. Transects include, grass-covered disposal cell top, riprap-covered containment dam and diversion channels, region between disposal cell and site perimeter, and the outlying area, and annual vegetation monitoring. Routine maintenance includes repairs to gates, fences, perimeter signs, and annual weed control. Non-routine activities concern the on-site grazing license and include installing a semi-permanent 1,200 gallon water tank, placing approximately 4 inches of gravel along the existing access route, and installing 2 to 4 permanent wooden posts to support portable corral panels. The corrals would be removed after ten days of use.