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CX-005776: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Enhanced Chemical Cleaning Real Waste Test
CX(s) Applied: B3.6
Date: 04/06/2011
Location(s): Aiken, South Carolina
Office(s): Environmental Management, Savannah River Operations Office

Enhanced Chemical Cleaning (ECC) is a process for dissolving high-level waste (HLW) tank heel sludge with 2 percent weight oxalic acid followed by decomposition of the oxalic acid and separation of the precipitated solids by evaporation. The decomposition oxalic acid is accomplished in an external Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) involving ozone injection both with and without ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. Testing of the sludge dissolution, oxalate decomposition, downstream component solubility, and solids rheology, settling rate, and particle size will be performed utilizing actual waste sludge from Savannah River Site High Level Waste Tanks 5F, 12H, and 51H.