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CX-005754: Categorical Exclusion Determination

State Energy Program- Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority Large System Application Request O
CX(s) Applied: B5.1
Date: 05/04/2011
Location(s): Oklahoma
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Golden Field Office

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODC) is proposing to fund the Oklahoma Comfort Program (OCP) through their sub-grantee the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA). Scott Munday is proposing to use the funding to help cover the cost of installing a vertical, closed loop ground source heat pump system that will serve the heating and cooling needs for his residence. The geothermal well field will be placed in the backyard of the residence which is currently a mowed lawn. The area surrounding the project site location consists of developed residential areas. There are not expected to be any adverse effects to threatened and endangered species, wetlands, floodplains, or cultural resources as a result of the proposed project as these resources are not present at the project site.