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CX-004651: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Flash Foods Job Creation and Petroleum Independence with 85% Ethanol Fuel
CX(s) Applied: B5.1
Date: 12/09/2010
Location(s): King's Bay, Georgia
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Golden Field Office

The Department of Energy proposes to provide federal funding to Protec Fuel Management to add 85% Ethanol fuel (E85) tanks, lines and dispensers to two filling stations in Georgia. This project adds 1 more location and replaces a previously chosen location. This project promotes energy conservation and energy efficiency by providing access to a renewable, alterative fuel source for vehicles operating in the vicinity of the proposed installations. The proposed project would not result in an increase in indoor concentrations of potentially hazardous substances. The proposed installation and operation of the E85 supply equipment is a small-scale conservation project aimed at reduction of petroleum-based fuel consumption.