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CX-004130: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Low Cost Real Time Monitoring System for Overhead Transmission - Multi Utility Multi Conductor Field Demonstrations for Operations Use
CX(s) Applied: B3.6, B5.1
Date: 09/17/2010
Location(s): Armonk, New York
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Underground Systems, Inc., (USi) proposes to bring to commercial readiness a robust intelligent transmission and distribution (T&D) sensor called the PowerDonut3? (PD3). PD3 has the capability to improve the power delivery capability of existing power transmission systems, especially where green, distributed generation is available. The plan includes a large scale demonstration evaluation of the PD3 system in a T&D environment that integrates wind, hydro and thermal renewables. The system would be refined using actual field results and packaging for commercial applications. A visualization system and performance dash board for system operators would be developed.