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CX-003959: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Federal Bureau of Investigation Radiological Dispersion Device Training
CX(s) Applied: B1.2
Date: 09/10/2010
Location(s): Aiken, South Carolina
Office(s): Savannah River Operations Office

Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) will be implementing a new pilot-scale training activity that demonstrates proper handling of radiologically contaminated (simulated) evidence. The training exercise will entail the collection and packaging of forensic evidence at a radiological dispersion device (RDD) involving a vehicle explosion. A vehicle will be detonated at a secure non-developed Savannah River Site location, and medical isotopes and sealed radiological sources will be seeded around the blast site to simulate radiological contamination. SRNL staff will then use the simulated scene to train students in the investigation of this type of radiological contaminated scenario. Following completion of the exercise, the training area will be properly cleaned up and the debris used in the exercise disposed of appropriately.