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CX-003245: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Alaska-Tribe-Interior Regional Housing Authority Hughes Village
CX(s) Applied: B2.5, B5.1
Date: 07/26/2010
Location(s): Hughes, Alaska
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program. The Interior Regional Housing Association (IRHA) of Alaska for the Native Village of Hughes proposes to install a wood-fired boiler at the washeteria to replace an existing fuel-fired boiler for heat. The tribe reports that installing the wood-fired boiler on the washeteria takes advantage of the lowest cost heating source available to the community. The Wood resource is readily available in close proximity to the community; therefore, extensive travel or fuel usage for collection of the wood for the boiler would not be required. In addition, IRHA proposes to upgrade the lighting in the washeteria to energy efficiency lighting which would decrease energy consumption.