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CX-003141: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Advanced Biofuels Process Development Unit for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
CX(s) Applied: A7, B1.3, B1.4, B2.1, B2.2, B2.3, B3.6
Date: 02/23/2010
Location(s): Berkeley, California
Office(s): Science, Berkeley Site Office

Lease for a term of up to 60 months Suite 300, consisting of 12,088 square feet of space on the first floor located at 717 Potter Street Berkeley, California 94710 for the Advanced Biofuels Process Development Unit (PDU). Modifications would be made to the mechanical, electrical, heating, ventiliation, and air conditioning systems to support the use of the facility. The PDU would be an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded user facility for entities to scale-up and demonstrate (at a small-scale) newly developed processes and technologies.