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CX-002929: Categorical Exclusion Determination

New Mexico-Tribe-Pueblo of Nambe
CX(s) Applied: B2.5, B5.1
Date: 06/28/2010
Location(s): Nambe, New Mexico
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program. The Nambe Pueblo of New Mexico proposes to use passive insulation to conserve energy efficiency in order to minimize electricity and propane utilities from the Nambe Pueblo Development Corporation/Nambe Pueblo Hi-Tech Paint and Sand Blasting Facility. Additional insulation would be installed to the lighting fixtures, insulated metal doors would be installed, rigid insulation would be glued to the booth exterior with light fixture access cut outs, and the storage space portion would be upgraded with new insulation to reduce heating requirements form the building's gas and electric heat system.