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CX-000605: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Naselle Tap Modification Loop into Driscoll Substation
CX(s) Applied: B4.6, B4.11
Date: 01/27/2010
Location(s): Clatsop County, Oregon
Office(s): Bonneville Power Administration

Bonneville Power Administration proposes to expand the existing Driscoll Substation to accommodate a 115-kilovolt (kV) ring bus and rebuild 2.5 miles of the Allston-Astoria Number 1 (No.1) line to double circuit to facilitate looping the Allston-Astoria No.1 and Naselle Tap lines into the Driscoll Substation in Clatsop County, Oregon. Currently the Allston-Astoria No.1 and Naselle Tap 115-kV lines form a three-terminal line with eight taps.