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Nuclear Power 2010 Program: Combined Construction and Operating License & Design Certification Demonstration Projects Lessons Learned Report

The Nuclear Power 2010 (NP 2010) Construction and Operating License/Design Certification (COL/DC) Demonstration program together with the financial incentives provided by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 are the two primary reasons why a number of license applications for new nuclear construction are before the NRC today, and why the first new nuclear plants in over 30 years are under construction in the United States.

As with all significant endeavors, there are lessons to be learned from the planning and implementation of these important COL/DC demonstration projects. The lessons learned, as presented in this report, were developed based on input and information from project participants and the DOE project managers. These lessons learned were developed to help improve future development and demonstration efforts at DOE and identify other areas of potential improvement for public-private partnerships. The lessons learned inputs from the individual COL/DC project reports from NuStart, Dominion, Westinghouse and General Electric-Hitachi were analyzed, consolidated, and summarized into a prioritized list of key lessons learned and areas for improvement.