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NEUP Fellowship Information Packet

Your $50,000/year fellowship award will be administered through your designated university or college.

The Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP) fellowship stipend is currently $30,000 for a twelve-month tenure period, prorated monthly at $3,000 for shorter periods as approved by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE). The cost of education allowance is $19,000 per tenure year and is to be used by the affiliated institution to cover the costs of educating the Fellow.

Tenure is the period of time during which a fellowship is utilized by a Fellow to pursue an advanced degree in nuclear science and engineering for which stipend payments are authorized. It includes periods of full-time research and independent study, whether or not the Fellow's institution is in session, as well as any normal, short vacation periods scheduled at the institution. All fellowships are funded for 12 months of tenure for each fellowship year, and may not be extended. No individual is eligible for more than three years of NEUP Fellowship support. Recipients of new three-year awards must begin fellowship tenure no later than the beginning of the fall term.

NEUP will provide funding for all applicable tuition, books, and fees normally charged to students of similar academic standing, unless such charges are optional or are refundable.

The fellowship award does not provide allowances for special student needs, such as research expenses, travel to employment sites, computers, books and publications beyond those required for classes, fieldwork expenses, special study, and the like. Fellows also are allowed a $1,000 research travel allowance per year upon submission of an approved travel request. The planned travel must involve a structured research activity approved by NEUP three to four months prior to the travel dates.

Your institution may require service of a DOE-NE Fellow by appointment to appropriate teaching or research-related activities acceptable to and consistent with the goals of the DOE-NE Fellow. NEUP expects that any required service will contribute to the progress of the DOE-NE Fellow toward an advanced degree and that attainment of the degree not be delayed significantly by these service requirements.