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Natural System Evaluation and Tool Development: International Collaborations – FY’13 Progress Report

Active participation in international R&D is crucial for achieving the Used Nuclear Fuel Disposition long-term goals of conducting experiments to fill data needs and confirm advanced modeling approaches and of having a robust modeling and experimental basis for evaluation of multiple disposal system options.  The international collaboration on the natural system evaluation and tool development included: (1) data interpretation of colloid-facilitated transport experiments at Grimsel Test Site, (2) thermal-hydrologic-mechanical (THM) model development and validation for Mont Terri FE-heater test and HG-A test, (3) experimental study of Pu-bentonite interactions, (4) modeling of stable isotope, tritium and CFC-12 transport at the Bedrichov Tunnel site as a part of the DECOVALEX program, (5) KAERI Underground Research Tunnel testing in crystalline rocks, and (6) Swedish Bentonite-Rock Interaction Experiment (BRIE).  Accomplishments are presented and discussed.