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United States and Italy Sign Nuclear Energy Agreements

September 30, 2009 - 1:23pm


U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and Italian Minister for Economic Development Claudio Scajola today signed two important nuclear energy agreements that may lead to construction of new nuclear power plants and improved cooperation on advanced nuclear energy systems and fuel cycle technologies in both countries. 

The U.S.-Italy Joint Declaration Concerning Industrial and Commercial Cooperation in the Nuclear Energy Sector, which was signed on behalf of the United States by Secretary Chu and Deputy Secretary of Commerce Dennis F. Hightower, affirms the strong interest of the United States and Italy to encourage their respective nuclear industries to seek opportunities for the construction of new nuclear power plants. The Joint Declaration in English is available HERE.  The version in Italian is available HERE.

“The agreements reached today reflect our vision for strong partnerships with nations around the world to help address our shared climate and energy challenges,” said Secretary Chu.  “Nuclear power will play a key role in the production of low-carbon energy in the years and decades to come, and we look forward to working with Italy and the U.S. private sector to advance these important technologies.”

“Clean and efficient energy technologies, including nuclear power, will be a cornerstone of a vibrant and prosperous 21st century economy,” Deputy Secretary Hightower said. “American companies can offer Italy world-class nuclear energy solutions while strengthening our own domestic industry.”

Secretary of Energy Chu and Minister Scajola also signed a bilateral Agreement on Cooperation in Civilian Nuclear Energy Research and Development, which will facilitate cooperation between DOE and Italy’s Ministry for Economic Development in the areas of advanced nuclear energy systems and associated fuel cycle technologies.  Both parties will collaborate in research and development of advanced technologies for improving the cost, safety, and proliferation-resistance of nuclear power systems.  The agreement will also expand efforts to promote and maintain nuclear science and engineering infrastructure and expertise in each country. The R&D Cooperation Agreement is available HERE.

Italy will be an important partner in building international consensus and momentum on our shared nuclear energy and nonproliferation agenda.  The United States looks forward to working with Italy at the Nuclear Security Summit in April 2010.