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Department of Energy Issues Requests for Nuclear Science and Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships Applications

May 7, 2009 - 1:46pm


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced two new Requests for Application (RFA) as part of the Department’s efforts to recruit and train the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers – a critical need as the nation moves toward greater use of nuclear energy to meet our energy needs and address the global climate crisis.

Under the Nuclear Energy University Program, DOE will provide approximately $2.9 million to fund scholarships and fellowships for students enrolled in two or four year nuclear science and engineering programs at accredited U.S. universities and colleges. The Department forecasts approximately 105 undergraduate scholarships and 15 fellowships are to be awarded to U.S. students. Around 30 universities and colleges have submitted a letter of intent to participate in Scholarship and Fellowship Program, a prerequisite for individual students to apply. A list of these universities and colleges is posted on

Undergraduate scholarships will average $5,000 per year. The maximum award for fellowships is anticipated to be $50,000 a year over three years. Fellowships will be provided for three consecutive years to each graduate student. Scholarships will be provided for one year to each undergraduate student. Scholarship recipients must reapply and be selected for each year for a follow-on scholarship award. Students must matriculate at an institution that is participating in the program to be eligible for either scholarships or fellowships.

“Nuclear energy will remain a key part of America’s energy mix, producing reliable, low-carbon energy and helping the country address the challenge of global warming,” said Energy Secretary Steven Chu. “These fellowships and scholarships are critical to recruiting and training the next generation of U.S. nuclear scientists and engineers.”

The Nuclear Energy University Program is part of an overall effort to invest in scientists who will help us meet the urgent economic, energy and climate challenges Americans face. The program is consistent with the Obama Administration’s investment in the sciences and Secretary Chu’s commitment to supporting scientists early in their careers. Other offices within the Department of Energy are developing similar initiatives to be announced in the future.

Applications for the scholarship and fellowship RFA are due May 22, 2009, and must be submitted through to be considered for award. DOE anticipates notifying students by mid-June 2009 of its selections. Scholarships and fellowships will be awarded by September 2009.