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Goals and Requirements

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Sustainability Performance Office (SPO) oversees departmental compliance with goals outlined in Executive Order (E.O.) 13693, Planning for Sustainability in the Next Decade, and related statutes.

Issued on March 19, 2015, E.O. 13693 revokes E.O.s 13514 and 13423, while setting reduction targets for energy use intensity, water use intensity, and greenhouse gas emissions and prescribing other sustainability goals through 2025. For detailed information about E.O. 13693 and related statutory requirements, visit the Federal Energy Management Program's Federal Laws & Requirements Search tool.

To view DOE’s progress to date, see DOE’s fiscal year 2015 Office of Management and Budget Sustainability Scorecard.

To view DOE’s plan for meeting the various federal sustainability goals, see DOE's Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan.