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Acquisition and the Environment

The information provide on these pages are meant to be resource and tool for the DOE acquisition community. Please share suggestions for its further development and improvement. Provide your comments to Richard Langston at (202) 287-1339, or e-mail them to


The White House Task Force on Recycling along with the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine prepared this Train the Trainer presentation on Green Purchasing. It consists of a Power Point presentation which is divided into several modules. Depending on the audience, different modules would be used. The anticipated audiences are Purchase Cardholders, Acquisition staff including contract personnel, requisition and supply personnel, A-Es, facility management representatives, etc, and Management. The coverage is quite broad. It includes all the Greening the Government Executive Orders, and USDA's Buy-Bio Program. There is also a Word script which, like the slides, is in modules which can be arranged to accomodate the different audiences. This material was prepared in June 2003.

The Greening the Government Executive Orders

  • Executive Order 13101, (Exits September 14, 1998, Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling and Federal Acquisition was the first of a series of 5 Executive Orders which feature the "Greening the Government" theme. Executive Order 13101 stresses the importance of the acquisition community (procurement, program, supply, facility management, construction, etc.) to the success of the recycling efffort and the need for its members to interact as a team.
  • Executive Order 13123 (pdf), June 3, 1999, Greening the Government Through Efficient Energy Management was the second "Greening" Executive Order. It promotes energy-efficient products and services. It provides that the Federal Government when acquiring energy using products will acquire energy-efficient products whenever life cycle cost effective. Energy efficient products are ENERGY STAR® products and products in the top 25% of energy efficiency as defined by DOE's Federal Energy Management Program.
  • Executive Order 13221 (pdf), Energy Efficient Standby Power Devices. This Executive Order supplements EO13123 by calling on Federal agencies to purchase energy using products that have standby power devices that use one watt or less of energy while in their standby mode.
  • Executive Order 13148, (Exits April 21, 2000, Greening the Government Through Leadership in Environmental Management, requires Federal agencies to establish Environmental Management Systems for Federal facilities and to conduct facility environmental compliance audits. Within DOE, the Environmental Management Systems and environmental audits are a subset of the existing Integrated Safety Management System which are implemented through the DOE Directives, see DOE Order and Manual 450.1.
  • Executive Order 13149, (Exits April 21, 2000, Greening the Government Through Federal Fleet and Transportation Efficiency, calls for reduced use of petroleum for the Federal motor vehicle fleet through the acquisition of more fuel efficient conventional vehicles and increased use of alternative fuel vehicles and the use of alternative fuels in these vehicles. It requires the use of environmentally preferable motor vehicle products for maintenance of the Federal motor vehicle fleet.

Information Tools

The Environmental Protection Agency maintains a Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines  (Exits Web page which contains the products which EPA has designated for procurement with recycled content by Federal agencies pursuant to authority of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. It lists the products, their specifications, their suppliers, and much more information you will want to explore. It is suggested that this site become your source of current information regarding the EPA designated products.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Training Site 

Additional Information

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