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Federal Project Director Toolbox

Although the majority of the documents listed on this page appear elsewhere on the PMCDP Web site, the FPD Tool Box page was specifically designed with all current and aspiring FPDs in mind in that it houses all of the PMCDP’s major tools and job aids in one specific, easy-to-access location. 

Whether you are applying for a new level of certification, or determining which courses or activities will provide you with the most continuing education credits, the Toolbox is the place to go to locate the best information that will ensure your success in the PMCDP program.  Below is a list of the most prominent PMCDP job aids to include a brief summary of their respective contents:

Certification Equivalency Guideline (CEG):  The CEG establishes the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) competency requirements for all DOE Federal project management (PM) personnel to be certified as DOE project directors in accordance with DOE Order 361.1B, Acquisition Career Development Program, Chapter IV (Project Management Career Development Program Module (PMCDP).

Knowledge Diagram:  The Knowledge diagram is a matrix of the eleven knowledge, skills and abilities required for certification in the PMCDP, to the requisite competencies. (Coming Soon)

Mentoring Plan:  The Mentoring Plan is the PMCDP template for a mentoring agreement to be used by the FPD in support of the mentoring requirement for certification. This template may be modified as needed by the sponsoring program office. See also the Mentoring Plan Overview and Mentor and Protégé brochures.

Sample Certification Candidate Profile:   The sample certification candidate profile is a mock up of a level 4 profile, with all competencies answered to include all possible fulfillment options such as experience, equivalent training, and PMCDP courses completed.  This profile is for use by the FPD as a reference in how to fill out their profile in a way that best describes their relevant experience in a format that will ensure success.

Certification Requirements at a Glance Summary Table:  The Requirements at a Glance summary table is a “quick list” of PMCDP’s requirements that details required and elective courses, developmental/experience, and years of experience, etc.

Continuous Learning Points (CLP) Credit Assignment Table:  The CLP credit assignment table is a list of activities that are eligible for continuing education credit, with the associated credit hours.

CRB Policy Flashes:  Whenever the Board makes a change to PMCDP policy and/or certification requirements, a policy flash document will be developed and made available on the PMCDP Web site.

Relevant Orders:  The PMCDP is required by relevant DOE orders, as well as Federal regulation.  The DOE Orders that specifically pertain to the creation and maintenance of the PMCDP are DOE O 413.3B and DOE 0 361.1BClick here to view a recent presentation by the Director of OECM, Paul Bosco, which identifies the notable changes between DOE O 413.3B and its predecessor (DOE O 4.13.3A).

FPD Checklists: The PMCDP has developed checklists that identify the different methods that FPDs can use to satisfy the different competency requirements for each level of PMCDP certification.  Click on the following links for more information about Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 competency satisfaction requirements and alternatives.