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Creating a Certification Package

What are the Requirements of the PMCDP?

The PMCDP Certification and Equivalency Guidelines provides information on the developmental, experiential, training, and mentoring activities required for the different levels of PMCDP certification. 

The PMCDP Knowledge Diagram provides a matrix of the different knowledge, skills, and abilities required for each level of PMCDP certification. (Coming Soon)

Not all of the competencies listed under each level of PMCDP certification require prior experience. For example, some competencies can be satisfied through the successful completion of specific PMCDP training courses, and others through prior certifications such as the Project Management Professional credential (PMP®) issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). 

Checklists for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 will aid you in developing a plan of action for how to best approach the different competencies. The PMCDP has developed checklists that identify ways to satisfy the different competency requirements for each level of PMCDP certification.

Entering PMCDP Information into CHRIS/ESS

The CHRIS/ESS PMCDP Module Tutorial will help guide you as you enter PMCDP competency data into your certification profile. It is recommended you read through each chapter before beginning your data entry.

What Does a Completed Certification Profile Look Like?

This Sample PMCDP Certification Profile can be used as a reference for how to best detail your knowledge, skills and abilities in a succinct manner that best identifies your respective experience. This sample profile is for education purposes only and SHOULD NOT be copied for use in your Certification package.