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Office of Headquarters Procurement Services - Employee Customer Service Standards


The Office of Headquarters Procurement Services (MA-64) serves a variety of customers in the performance of its acquisition and financial assistance mission.  Primary among its many customers is each of the Department of Energy Headquarters program offices.

MA-64 continually seeks to improve service to its customers, by prioritizing its workload through a better understanding of customer needs; providing effective assistance in the development of quality procurement request packages; improving the timeliness of procurement transactions through the establishment of mutually agreeable transaction milestone schedules; and assigning dedicated teams of procurement, financial assistance and sales professionals capable of providing quality customer service and support for the unique needs of each Headquarters program office.


All MA-64 customers are entitled to receive:

• Fair, courteous and professional treatment;
• The highest ethical standards of integrity, equity and fairness;
• Information that is accurate;
• Timely, efficient, and effective services;
• Consistent and continual access to appropriate staff;
• Two-way communication;
• Opportunities for collaboration and partnerships as appropriate; and,
• Consideration of their opinions and concerns.


When MA-64 contracting personnel work with MA-64 customers, they will:

• Provide a quality product or service that meets or exceeds MA-64 customer expectations.

- MA-64 will provide MA-64 employees with the training and other resources necessary to guarantee their success in customer service, ensuring that each MA-64 employee understands that interpersonal skills are as important as technical skills, that each employee understands the importance of listening and understanding the customer’s point of view, and that each employee is empowered and seeks creative ways to accommodate MA-64 customer needs.

• Provide MA-64 customers with realistic delivery times based on the nature of the request.

- MA-64 will facilitate the process through which the procurement organization and the customer meet and mutually establish acceptable milestones for the award of procurement transactions exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold.  This more directly involves the customer in the process and establishes a mutual understanding of the respective roles and responsibilities each organization must fulfill to successfully obtain desired goods or services.

• Do their best to correct a problem and be accountable for problems and inconveniences.

- MA-64 personnel will address customer concerns with a sense of urgency that clearly conveys to the customer a willingness to engage in immediate problem solving activity, targeted to achieve customer satisfaction.  Customer issues beyond the discretion of the cognizant MA-64 contracting personnel will be promptly elevated to the appropriate level of MA-64 management.

• Provide MA-64 customers with information that is accurate, useful and timely.

- MA-64 contracting personnel will set appropriate notifications within STRIPES so that applicable MA-64 customers will be notified as a procurement transaction moves from one milestone achievement to another, up to the point of completion of the action.

• Respond to all MA-64 customer communications promptly.

- Incoming telephone and e-mail communications from MA-64 customers will receive same-day responses during regular work hours, or use voice mail and automated “out of office” e-mail message if not on duty to direct the customer to another MA-64 employee for same-day assistance.

- MA-64 contracting personnel will conduct workload activities in a manner that creates an internal partnering approach to workload management.  MA-64 will provide multiple points of contact, able to promptly assist customers on any given issue/transaction.  Point-of-contact coverage will extend from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., each work day.

- Prior to any period of extended absence (8 hour work day or more), MA-64 personnel will leave an extended absence message on their personal e-mail and telephone voice mail to indicate the length of absence from the office and to identify the name and telephone number of the cognizant MA-64 Team Leader as the alternate customer service point of contact.  In the event of the absence of the cognizant MA-64 Team Leader, the cognizant MA-64 Division Director will be identified as the alternate customer service point of contact.

- MA-64 personnel will offer to help MA-64 customers even when it is not their immediate area of responsibility.

• Establish and proactively maintain effective partnerships with MA-64 customers, keeping in touch by calling them on a regular basis and having regular MA-64 customer meetings.  Accordingly –

- MA-64 will issue a memorandum to all cognizant program offices in advance of the start of each fiscal year, requesting a listing of all acquisitions and financial assistance transactions over the simplified acquisition threshold planned for submission to MA-64 in the new fiscal year.  MA-64 contracting personnel will meet with program customers as required to review and update acquisition planning as appropriate, (e.g., identify new or modify existing acquisition or assistance requirements) and to discuss applicable sourcing vehicles available to satisfy customer requirements.

- Each Account Executive (warranted Contracting Officer assigned to service specific Headquarters program customers) will meet and communicate on a regular basis with individual program office representatives to ensure that quality procurement support needs are identified and appropriately provided at the earliest practicable stages of the procurement process, as well as continually assess the changing needs of the organization’s customers.  Feedback from these sessions will be utilized to expand upon, or reexamine, the methods in which the organization supports the unique procurement and assistance needs of its customers.

- MA-64 Operating Division Directors will formally meet with senior program clients quarterly to conduct on-on-one surveys of customer service, to identify any opportunities to improve customer service/support from the customer point of view, openly communicate any problems or issues that make providing exemplary service more difficult and document all client issues for follow-up and resolution.  The MA-64 Operating Division Directors will meet with the Head of the Contracting Activity to share experiences, lessons learned, and develop strategies for improvement, as necessary.

• Make customer feedback systems easily accessible, continually assess the level of customer satisfaction, and make every attempt to improve the quality of MA-64 services on a continuous basis. Accordingly –

- MA-64 will ensure that for every procurement or financial assistance transaction that is completed (e.g., award, modification, administrative action), an automated e-mail message is sent to the initiator to solicit his/her feedback.  The initiator will be asked to numerically rate the level of service provided by MA-64 and to provide comments regarding their satisfaction with the service provided.  For each rating completed, an e-mail will automatically be sent to the Director, MA-64, notifying him that feedback has been received.  The requester will receive a return e-mail message, stating that the feedback has been received and reviewed.  The customer feedback system will be monitored on a daily basis to provide a rapid response mechanism for managing customer input to MA-64 processing of program requirements.

- MA-64 will continue to solicit, record and utilize customer feedback obtained from data/information collected through more informal means, including centralized collection of written recommendations for improvement and/or letters of appreciation and commendation received by MA-64 personnel from their customers.

- MA-64 customers will be afforded direct access to the MA-64 Management Team and the Office Director for discussion of issues related to satisfaction/dissatisfaction with MA-64 customer service.