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Real Property Management

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Office of Management and Budget Guidance


Federal Real Property Council (FRPC) Guidance

DOE Guidance 

General Accountability Office (GAO) Reports

  • GAO-07-895T, Federal Real Property, An Update on High-Risk Issues
  • GAO-09-10, Federal Real Property – Government’s Fiscal Exposure from Repair and Maintenance Backlogs is Unclear
  • GAO-09-271, High-Risk Series, An Update
  • GAO-11-520T, Federal Real Property, Progress Made on Planning and Data, but Unneeded Owned and Leased Facilities Remain
  • GAO-11-879T, Federal Real Property, Overreliance on Leasing Contributed to High-Risk Designation
  • GAO-12-645, Federal Real Property, National Strategy and Better Data Needed to Improve Management of Excess and Underutilized Property
  • GAO-14-188, Federal Real Property, Improved Transparency Could Help Efforts to Manage Agencies' Maintenance and Repair Backlogs
  • GAO-15-305, DOE Real Property, Better Data and a More Proactive Approach Needed to Facilitate Property Disposal