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Response to several FOIA requests - Renewable Energy.

Response to several FOIA requests - Renewable Energy. National Energy Policy Legislation - A Comprehensive Approach to Ensuring Energy Security March 2001,Summary: A confluence of even s involving rising prices and supply shortages in several energy sectors has focused public and political attention on the need to update the nation's energy policy and to provide for increased production of domestic energy sources. President George W. Bush made this central point in his campaign platform on energy issues and hasdesignated an Administration team under the leadership of Vice President Cheney to develop specific recommendations in this regard. House and Senate leaders have similarly indicated that this will he a top priority for the 107"' Congress, with Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Murkowski (R-AK) having introduced the National Energy Security Act of 2001 (S. 388 and S. 389), and the House Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality is expected to consider these matters during the coming weeks. nepdg_1501_1750.pdf