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Nationwide Professional Skills Training Program - Presolicitation #DE-SOL-0000109

Nationwide Professional Skills Training Program - Presolicitation #DE-SOL-0000109, "NRC records show that American Mail Line, Inc., was licensed to receive, possess, and dispose of radioactive waste generated by the Boeing Company located in Seattle, Washington. The related AEC license (46-3623-1) required that disposal of this waste in the Pacific Ocean take place at least 150 miles from the continental shelf and at a depth of greater than 6,000 feet. Prior to disposal, the licensee had to provide written notice to AEC that included the date of disposal, location of disposal, number of containers to be disposed of, total activity of the byproduct materials, amount of materials involved, and the identity of the most hazardous isotope in each container. Materials disposed of included radium-226, cobalt-60, strontium-90, promethium-147, phosphorus-32, fission products, heat lamps, and beryllium waste. Between 1958 and 1969, American Mail Line dumped 294 55-gallon drums of radioactive waste in the Pacific Ocean about 350 miles southwest of Ketchikan. According to AEC records, AEC personnel observed the sea disposal operation and, in addition, made periodic inspections of the company's records and facilities. According to these records, no major instances of noncompliance were found."December_2008_Requests.pdf