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Merit Review Guide

Purpose: This document provides guidance on conducting merit reviews of financial assistance applications. While program/project officials are encouraged to tailor this guidance to their specific programs, merit reviews should be conducted in a manner consistent with the guidelines presented in this document.

Applicability: This guidance applies to merit reviews of financial assistance applications which will result in new or renewal cooperative agreement or grant awards. Merit reviews are required for all discretionary financial assistance awards: competitive and noncompetitive grants and cooperative agreements. This guidance may be supplemented or supplanted by statute or program rule, e.g.10 CFR 605, The Office of Science’s Financial Assistance Program, or 10 CFR 602, Epidemiology and Other Health Studies Financial Assistance Program.

Unsolicited financial assistance applications should be submitted in accordance with the guidance provided in the Guide for Submission of Unsolicited Proposals at and reviewed and evaluated according to the Noncompetitive Application Review guidance in Section VI of this guide.

Click here for the Merit Review Guide for financial assistance and the associated attachments.