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Government Purchase Card Program

The General Services Administration (GSA) SmartPay2 program provides charge cards to U.S. Government agencies, including the Department of Energy (DOE). Through GSA, DOE has contracted with JP Morgan Chase Bank to provide charge cards to pay for supplies/services to support our business purpose. All terms and conditions, including but not limited to, fees, liabilities, discounts, and rebates have been negotiated on behalf of all participants in the program. DOE allows the use of GSA SmartPay2 charge cards to cost reimbursement contractors that have been authorized to use Government Supply Sources pursuant to FAR Subpart 51.1.

Charge cards provide DOE with a means to simplify its small purchase procedures and improve its cash management by:

a. offering an alternative to the use of purchase orders, blanket purchase agreements (BPAs), and imprest funds;
b. streamlining the acquisition process by reducing paperwork, improving lead times, and expediting Contractor payments;
c. reducing the administrative costs associated with small purchases, BPAs, and imprest fund transactions; and
d. providing greater and more detailed statistical data and an audit trail as an aid in managing purchasing activities.

Participants in the program must adhere to the Federal Acquisition Regulations, the terms and conditions of the GSA Master Contract No. GS-23FT0002, and the DOE Policies and Operating Procedures.

DOE Program Coordinator Point of Contact: Denise T. Clarke

Program Information