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Executive Fleet Vehicles Report

On May 24, 2011, the President issued a Presidential Memorandum on Federal Fleet Performance.  In accordance with Section 1 (b) of the Presidential Memorandum and pursuant to Federal Management Regulation 102-34.50 (41 CFR 102-34.50), executive fleets are required to achieve maximum fuel efficiency; be limited in motor vehicle body size, engine size, and optional equipment to what is essential to meet agency mission; and be midsize or smaller sedans, except where larger sedans are essential to the agency mission.

Executive fleet vehicles that are larger than midsize sedans or are not AFVs must be disclosed on the website of the agency operating the vehicles within 180 days of the date of the memorandum (on or before November 17, 2011).

This is the DOE HQ report on executive fleet vehicles that are larger than a midsized sedan or do not comply with alternatively fueled vehicle (AFV) requirements.

This updated report was published April 12, 2016.