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DOE HQ Shuttle Bus Schedule and Route

The DOE Shuttle Buses follow the same schedules between the two main Headquarters locations, Forrestal and Germantown.  The buses start their routes at each Headquarters facility at the same times, see the schedule below.  The subsequent stops at the other facilities are relative to the departure time of each route.

The shuttle bus departure and arrival times may be impacted by traffic, weather, or other logistical interruptions.

Shuttle Bus Route - Northbound
Forrestal - L'Enfant - Portals - Cloverleaf - Germantown
          The intermittent arrival time between Forrestal, L'Enfant and Portals
           is estimated to be five (5) minutes.

Shuttle Bus Route - Southbound
Germantown - Cloverleaf - Portals - L'Enfant - Forrestal
          The intermittent arrival time between Germantown and Cloverleaf
           is estimated to be five (5) minutes.

Headquarters employees are reminded of the statutory provisions that authorize and limit the use of the shuttle bus service.  Specific authority for the use of appropriated funds to pay for transportation for official purposes is contained in section 1344(a)(1) of Title 31, U.S. Code.  Use of this transportation for any other purpose is inappropriate and against the law.

DOE HQ Shuttle Bus Route and Schedule in PDF format for printing purposes