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2015 Federal Real Property Council Reporting Guidance

1 For the full Executive order, see

2 "Otherwise managed" properties are State or foreign government-owned properties where a U.S. State or foreign government holds title to the real property, but rights for use have been granted to a Federal Government entity in an arrangement other than a leasehold. Otherwise managed properties also include those properties under "Withdrawn Land" or "Museum Trust."

3 These exclusions are specified in Section 2 of EO 13327.

Certification of Real Property Reporting

To enhance the accuracy and completeness of the data reported to the Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) system, each agency shall:

1. Submit to GSA a certification letter signed by the agency CFO that characterizes the accuracy of the data being submitted by the FRPP system and the methodology used to evaluate the accuracy of the data. The letter must be provided to GSA by December 31st each year; and

2. Describe efforts currently employed or planned as part of the agency’s independent verification and validation process to improve the accuracy and completeness of FRPP data.

Recommended Certification Language

The real property data submitted by Agency X to the Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) for FY 2015 has been certified for accuracy and completeness. Agency X has instituted the following processes to ensure that the data submitted to the FRPP accurately and completely reflects what is in the agency’s inventory:




Real Property Reporting: Asset Types: EO 13327 requires agencies to report all owned, leased, and otherwise managed2 Federal real property assets within and outside the United States, including improvements on Federal land. The agency responsible for reporting the constructed asset-level data is defined by the following:

Note: If an agency has a delegation of authority from GSA for operations and maintenance of the asset, known as an O&M delegation, the agency with the delegation does NOT report the asset to FRPP. GSA will report the asset and ask the agency to notify GSA of the O&M costs of the asset so GSA can enter this data in FRPP.

For owned real property (for which the United States holds title), the Federal agency that exercises real property accountability is responsible for reporting the asset.

For leased real property, the Federal agency that signed the lease on behalf of the United States Government is responsible for reporting the asset.

For otherwise managed real property, the Federal agency that entered into the agreement on behalf of the United States Government is responsible for reporting the asset.

Property Reporting Exclusions3

The following real property assets are excluded from the EO, and reporting is optional.

 Land easements or rights-of-way held by the Federal Government.

 Public domain land (including lands withdrawn for military purposes) or land reserved or dedicated for national forest, national park, or national wildlife refuge purposes, except for improvements on those lands.

 Land held in trust or restricted-fee status for individual Indians or Indian tribes.

 Land, and interests in land, that are withheld from the scope of this order by agency heads for reasons of national security, foreign policy, or public safety.