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Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention

Waste Diversion.png

The team supports efforts that promote a more sustainable environment and implements pollution prevention activities, as deemed appropriate for LM operations and approved by LM, as defined in:

  • Executive Order (EO) 13693, Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade, and
  • DOE Order 436.1, Departmental Sustainability

The team advocates environmentally sound waste minimization and pollution prevention practices.


  • Inventory the waste stream.
  • Prevent or reduce pollution and waste at their source.
  • Recycle.
  • Use recycled-content products.
  • Use less toxic or nontoxic products.

Key Expectations

  • Monitor and track progress on metrics.
  • Maintain/implement a plan that integrates waste minimization and pollution prevention into LM activities.
  • Provide employee awareness and training.
  • Perform Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assessments (PPOAs).
  • Maintain an information network.
  • Propose and implement initiatives.