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Land Stewardship


The team advocates improved ecosystem health on LM properties in accordance with DOE Order 430.1B, Real Property Asset Management; federal regulations, such as the Endangered Species Act, the Noxious Weed Act, and the Wetlands and Floodplains Act; and in consideration of LM agreements with regulatory agencies and tribes. The team advocates identifying and proposing land management improvements on LM sites that are beneficial to ecosystems and improve remedy sustainability. Improvements are implemented with consideration of adjacent land uses, owners, and political entities. Success is defined when measurable parameters are achieved. 


The team identifies and evaluates proposals to enhance ecosystem health at selected LM sites. Once a strategy has been approved by DOE and applicable site regulators, it is implemented and monitored. The strategy identifies specific criteria that must be achieved to consider the strategy a success.

Key Expectations

  • Integrate improving ecosystem health into LM activities.
  • Maintain/implement a plan that integrates the use of renewable energy into LM activities.
  • Establish ecosystem health baselines for selected LM sites.
  • Promote awareness and training for LM and contractor employees.
  • Propose new land stewardship initiatives.
  • Report land stewardship performance.