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Program Update: 3rd Quarter 2013

Inside this Update: Legacy Management Work Progresses on Defense-Related Uranium Mines Report to Congress; Weaving Community and Science; LM Completes Construction of Well Pad at CNTA; DOE Salute – Grand Junction, Colorado, Business Incubator of the Year; Replacement of Rocky Flats Water Monitoring Flume; LM Data Safer than Ever with FM-200; LM Security Guard Saves a Life; Fernald Preserve Mini-BioBlitzs; Mound Site Property Transfer; Flag Raising Ceremony at Grand Junction Office; Injection of Soybean Oil at Pinellas Site; Support Contractor Receives VPP Award; Environmental Justice Activities; and more.

The Program Update newsletter is produced every quarter and highlights major activities and events that occurred across the DOE complex during that period of time.