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John Montgomery - Team Leader, Archives and Information Management Team

John Montgomery is the Morgantown site manager and the Archive and Information Management (AIM) Team leader for the Office of Legacy Management.

As the Morgantown site manager, Mr. Montgomery ensures that all day-to-day operations and maintenance functions of the site are completed. He has autonomous control of the site, including site closure responsibility during inclement weather.

As the AIM Team leader he has managerial responsibility to preserve, protect, and make accessible legacy records and information. Mr. Montgomery oversees the records program, information technology program, Freedom of Information Act program, Privacy Act program, stakeholder relations program, and all programs related to records management.

He has been with the Federal Government for 35 years. He has served as chief information manager, records administrator, management analyst, Privacy Act officer, and Freedom of Information Act officer. He has also served as a commissary officer, firefighter, and disaster responder evaluator. Mr. Montgomery served 12 years in the U.S. Army and is a Vietnam-era veteran. During his tour, Mr. Montgomery served as a paralegal and a combat engineer.

Mr. Montgomery has a configuration management II certification from the Institute of Configuration Management and Arizona State University.