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About one in every four federal employees is a military Veteran. At the Department of Energy, 19 percent of our workforce is made up of veterans. Veterans, their spouses, and dependent children are eligible for a variety of benefits provided by the Federal government. Some of these benefits are connected with service disabilities; others depend on amount of time served and in what capacity. Regardless, any Veteran seeking employment with a Federal agency should be aware of the many employment and work-life assistance programs that are available.

Employment Information

What is Veterans Preference Eligibility? Read more about employment eligibility for Veterans by visiting the Veterans Preference Eligibility page at

What are Special Hiring Authorities? To learn about the hiring authorities available for Veterans, see the Special Hiring Authorites page at

Are there Special Hiring Authorities for spouses and family of Vets? If you are a spouse or family member of a Veteran, please visit the Special Hiring Authorities for Military Spouses and Family Members page at for more information on how you may quality for one of these hiring authorities.

Are you a wounded or disabled Veteran or do you need assistance in seeking employment? Additional information for wounded or disabled Veterans and job placement services for Veterans can be found on the National Resource Directory - Employment site.

Are you a Federal employer looking to hire Vets? If you are a Federal hiring official looking for information on how to hire Veterans, visit the NRD's Employer page directly.

For general information on the Federal government's efforts to increase hiring of Veterans, consider browsing the FedsHireVets website.

Benefits & Compensation

In addition to benefits available to Federal employees, there are additional resources available through the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs for veterans and their family members.   Veterans can visit VA’s eBenefits portal for benefits-related information, to download forms, and for easy access to online tools. Once a Veteran registers with eBenefits, he or she can apply for benefits, enroll in VA health care and view the status of benefits’ applications online.

Find out about the importance of Military Buy Back and how you can credit your military service time toward your Federal retirement benefit. Veterans have up to three years to "buy back" their time before interest begins to accrue. For more information, visit this Department of Defense news article on Veteran's Buy Back.

Find information to access military and VA benefits and compensation such as military pay, disability compensation, insurance, as well as Social Security benefits. Visit the National Resource Directory - Benefits and Compensation page.

National Resource Directory

The National Resource Directory (NRD) is a website for connecting wounded warriors, Service Members, Veterans, and their families with those who support them. The NRD contains a wealth of information for Veterans on many more topics than what we have provided here on our site--we encourage you to take a look if you don't find what you're looking for in the links we have provided.