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Strategic Energy Planning

Below are resources for Tribes on strategic energy planning.

Alaska Strategic Energy Plan and Planning Handbook
Describes the process for developing a community energy strategic plan and provides fillable fields for Alaska Native villages and communities to input their own information and outcomes from energy planning discussions. The information entered is automatically compiled into a cohesive summary at the end of the document, in effect establishing the community’s strategic energy plan. Source: DOE Office of Indian Energy.

Developing Tribal Energy Projects: Community Energy Planning
Highlights a strategic energy planning process for Tribes that is being put into practice through the DOE Office of Indian Energy's Strategic Technical Assistance Response Team Program. It includes examples of how Tribes have benefited from strategic energy planning, and provides information on a nine-step process, which Tribes can learn more about by watching an educational course available at (search "Indian Energy"). Source: DOE Office of Indian Energy

Distributed Renewable Energy Finance and Policy Toolkit
Renewable energy project financing options for state energy offices, municipal governments, and other agencies. Covers the role of public benefit funds and the leading public financing mechanisms including: rebates, performance-based incentives, grants, loan programs, renewable portfolio standards, renewable energy credit sales, feed-in tariffs, and tax incentives. Source: Clean Energy States Alliance.

Energy Planning: A Guide for Northwest Indian Tribes
Information and resources to help Tribes select, implement, and finance projects that conserve energy, generate renewable energy, construct and retrofit  energy-efficient buildings, and other energy-related community projects. Source: Northwest SEED.

Mescalero Apache Tribal Strategic Energy Plan
Example of a tribal community strategic energy plan developed by the Mescalero Apache. Source: Kabotie Consulting.

State and Local Energy Data Tool
Provides state and local decision makers easy access to a wealth of energy data specific to their location. The resources and data provided can be used to support strategic energy planning processes and deployment of clean energy projects. Source: U.S. Department of Energy.