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Project Checklists

Below are links to project checklists, model request for proposals, and model power purchase contracts that Tribes can use for energy development projects.

Connecting to the Grid: A Guide to Distributed Generation Interconnection Issues
Discusses the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s (IREC’s) model interconnection standards for
generators up to 10 megawatts (MW) and IREC’s model net-metering rules for generators up to 2 MW in capacity. Includes information on safety, power quality, and codes, legal and procedural issues, net metering, and electrical inspectors. Source: Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

Getting Started: What to Ask the Developer
This document provides a list of preliminary questions for Tribes to think about when approached by a developer or technology representative for developing clean energy resources on tribal lands. Source: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy.

Power Purchase Agreement Checklist for State and Local Governments
Fact sheet on the solar photovoltaic power purchase agreement (PPA), including an overview, step-by-step high level project plan, financial and contractual considerations, logistical considerations, insurance, and potential deal constraints embedded in municipal laws. Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Renewable Energy Contracts Library
Collection of links to a range of publicly and privately available templates and samples including: PPAs; requests for proposals (RFPs); interconnection agreements; engineering, procurement, and construction contracts; operations and maintenance contracts; and leases. Source: NREL.

Model Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Considerations for Both Successful RFP Responses and for the Negotiation and Delivery of Renewable Energy Projects
Short presentation outlining 16 considerations for successful RFPs. Source: Southern California Public Power Authority.

DOE Office of Indian Energy Solar RFP Template (Draft)
This document provides Tribes with a customizable request for proposals template for tribal solar photovoltaic systems, including roof-mounted, ground-mounted, and carport utility-interactive systems. The template  contains information on project description, requirements, and submissions. Users can modify the template to suit their specific needs and projects. Source: DOE Office of Indian Energy.

General Services Administration Photovoltaics Project in Sacramento, California
Request for proposal (RFP) issued for the General Services Administration photovoltaic (PV) PPA project. Source: DOE Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP).

Photovoltaics at the Environmental Protection Agency Edison Laboratory
RFP issued by Defense Logistics Agency Energy on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Division of Environmental Science and Assessment Laboratory Branch located in Edison, New Jersey. Source: Defense Logistics Agency.

Renewable Energy Feasibility Study Leading to Development of the Native Spirit Solar Energy Facility
Summarizes feasibility study project background, objectives and scope, primary project tasks and activities, deliverables, conclusions, and lessons learned. Source: Southwest Tribal Energy Consortium.

U.S. Air Force Photovoltaics Project at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada
Request for proposal issued for the Nellis Air Force Base PV PPA. Document is located in the middle section under Solicitation 1. Source: U.S. Air Force.

WAPA Purchase of Energy Contractor Template
Word template for a contract between Western Area Power Administration and a provider to purchase energy from a renewable source and provide for payment by Western’s customer to the provider for the service. Source: Western Area Power Administration

Model Power Purchase Contracts

EPA Solar PPA Overview
Online resource outlining solar power purchase agreements as part of the EPA's Green Power Partnership. Source: EPA.

EPA Webinar on Solar PPAs
Webinar audio and presentation files offered by the EPA's Green Power Partnership covering solar PPA projects. Source: EPA.

Model Power Purchase Agreement for Renewable Energy Projects
Contains the terms and conditions that may be negotiated in a contract for the sale of as available energy to be executed by the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO). Document may be modified to reflect factors such as different renewable technologies, project specifics, changes in applicable rules, and negotiated terms and conditions. Source: Hawaiian Electric Company.

U.S. Army Fort Carson Interconnection Agreement
Sample interconnection agreement for the U.S. Army Fort Carson PV project funded through a PPA. Source: DOE FEMP.

U.S. Army Fort Carson Environmental Document
Sample environmental planning document for the U.S. Army Fort Carson PV project funded through a PPA. Source: DOE FEMP.

WAPA General Power Contract Provisions
Covers applicability and provisions for delivery of service, rates, billing, payment, power sales, facilities, and more. Source: Western Area Power Administration.